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There are many cheeses throughout the world and picking out the most popular was quite a difficult task. So after many hours of viewing endless celebrity cooking programmes, and tasting the ones which could be sourced we decided to go with European cheeses.

The French are fanatical about cheese and eat it with almost every meal. We have a wide selection of hard, soft, blue, goats, sheep and some very pungent ones. So, rest assured that there is always plenty to choose from.

We stock a large range of French cheese including Comte, Beaufort, Epoises, Roquefort and many more. Remember, if you like a cheese that is not in stock we will endeavour to find and source it for you.

We stock a good number of Italian cheeses and are committed to the quality of our parmesan, all of which is 36 months old or older. We only it cut with traditional knives and chisels, although this is challenging it is very rewarding having the chance to taste the sweetness of the cheese first!

Fontina is also a fantastic farmhouse cheese. It is well worth having a taste.

Taleggio is a great cooking cheese over pasta or pizza and is great on a cheese board.

There are many more Italian cheeses that we regularly stock, so please feel free to call us, or email us and see if we have what you are looking for.

We also stock cheeses from:


  • Spain - Manchego
  • Switzerland - Gruyere
  • Greece - Feta
  • Norway - Gjetost
  • Cyprus - Halloumi

Plus many More

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