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British Cheese

We mainly stock British artisan cheese, which is probably in the best shape it has been in for years. It is an exciting time and new cheeses are being developed all the time by small artisan producers.

Cheshire Cheese

There are only a handful of traditional farmhouse producers left in the country with Cheshire cheese probably being the oldest after it was mentioned in the doomsday book. We are currently stocking Appleby's & H.S Bournes Cheshire. Bournes is now the only farmhouse Cheshire still made on the farm in Cheshire that is operational today.

Locally we are blessed with the king of blue cheese (stilton) as it can only be made in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire or Derbyshire as it is now protected by European law. With only five producers left there is only a limited amount of top quality stilton around, the best tends to stay in these three counties and is a must for any Christmas cheeseboard.

The development of new blue cheese is on the up, and the winner of the world cheese awards 2010 was a new and up coming British cheese called Cornish Blue which was developed in 2001.
With great varieties of new blue cheeses and some fantastic traditional ones being around, we now have the most comprehensive range available. Stocking over fifty different types, the list is growing all the time. We stock many different cheeses made from a wide range of different milks, this includes everything from ewe's milk to common friesian cows milk. With the growing number of unpasteurised cheese available there is a taste to suit every palate, even children.

Cheddar is Britains favourite cheese, typically coming from the west country and a good one should be matured for at least twelve months. A traditional cheddar should be cloth bound to help it mature giving it a good long lasting flavour. Locally we have Lincolnshire Poacher which is made from unpasteurised cows milk, there method includes using a traditional rennet which produces its strong, long lasting flavour.

Over the past 25 years goats and sheep milk cheeses have seen the largest growth in the UK. It comes in many different varieties from soft, hard and blue, even to ones rolled in ash. All the different types have very different tastes and characteristics. We currently stock over fifty varieties throughout the year and most are handmade by small producers on their own farms, so why not come and see us and find a new taste for yourself?

All good cheeseboards require a soft cheese and there are so many great British Bries about. Our cheeses makers have really excelled in this area and many are now as good if not better than the French Bries available. A good example is Tunworth, it is made with unpasteurised milk and traditional rennet. It is packed full of flavour leaving a pleasant taste of wild mushrooms on the palate.

There are also many different types of territorial cheeses, ranging from Gloucester to caerphily to wensleydale. So creating an interesting board of all British cheeses is easily achieved and can be mouth wateringly scrumptious.

We are always available to listen to customers recommendations and will try to find a cheese if it is not in stock.


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